How to Buy EOS (EOS): Ultimate Guide To Buy EOS In 2021

How to Buy EOS (EOS): Ultimate Guide To Buy EOS In 2021

Ethernet over Sonnet or EOS was developed by Dan Larimer who also founded Steemit and Bitshares. This powerful and efficient infrastructure that is blockchain-based assists decentralized applications during their development, hosting, and execution. The best part about EOS is that it helps establish decentralized applications in a simplified way. Another benefit of EOS is that it is more flexible and scalable that makes it possible for developers to come up with more decentralized applications.

There are different steps you need to follow if you’re How to Buy EOS. It is only when you follow these steps you can utilize the resources and tools required for building decentralized applications on the blockchain. Here are the steps:

Step 1: A functional digital wallet has to be owned for storing EOS tokens. As there are no official EOS wallets in existence as of today, users need to rely on third-party wallets. It is recommended that you choose any of the ERC-20 compatible wallets for storing tokens. Before you select an EOS wallet, make sure you check different aspects of the same, including security, continued development, private keys, and reviews.

Step 2: In this step, users need to select a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates buying EOS. There is a variety of them already on the market. Once the digital wallet is set up, EOS tokens can be bought directly by visiting the exchange.

One of the most respected and biggest cryptocurrency exchanges is Binance that lists a variety of Altcoins; of which EOS tokens are a part. If you choose to use Binance, after opening an account there, make sure you have enough ETH or Bitcoin to be able to buy EOS.

At Present, there is no way you can use fiat currencies to buy EOS. However, you can visit Coinbase to buy ETH or BTC using fiat currencies. Once you’re in the possession of ETH or BTC, the same can be used to buy EOS. CEX.IO and Coinbase are the two crypto exchanges that allow users to use debit or credit cards to buy cryptos. Using these cards, traders can buy ETH or BTC and then use them for buying EOS.

Step 3: Once the required amount of EOS tokens are purchased through an exchange, the next step is to transfer them to a crypto wallet. These wallets are safe and your holdings’ are protected even if the exchange gets hacked or becomes insolvent.

Given below are some of the most prominent and reliable exchanges where you can buy EOS:

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How to Buy EOS 2021 (EOS)

1. Binance

Binance is easily one of the fastest and biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world through which you can buy EOS. In addition to EOS, Binance provides traders and investors with a suite of offerings. Founded in China in 2017, Binance moved back to Malta as there are crypto-friendly laws there. Different options available for traders to buy EOS through Binance are – Bank Deposits, Debit/Credit Card, 3rd Party Payments, and PTP Trading. The most attractive feature of this exchange that makes it an attractive choice for traders is that it is easy to navigate and also provides a variety of features and tools for traders to buy and sell EOS.

2. Coinbase

This US-based cryptocurrency broker/exchange can be considered if you’re seriously considering trading in EOS. Coinbase is very popular with traders because its interface is convenient and easy to use. Also, whether you’re an experienced trader or a beginner, getting started with this exchange is simple and hassle-free. Coinbase came into existence in 2012 and now accepts users from more than 32 countries. Coinbase’s’ security features are amongst the best in the industry. Nearly 98% of cryptocurrency funds are deposited by the exchange in cold-wallet storage throughout the world to ensure their security from loss or theft. 

3. Switchere

If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to buy EOS then Switchere ticks all the boxes. This Estonia-based crypto exchange service came into existence in 2019. Though it has been only a few years in the industry, Switchere has made itself clear with its vision – to provide a convenient gateway for fiat-to-crypto trading. Some of the perks traders can look forward to after getting associated with Switchere are certified operations, frictionless EOS buying experience, and incredible security. What is also impressive about this exchange is its 24/7 customer support through phone, email, and web chat. 

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